Has she gone GaGa?

Music, Fashion, Perfume…WATER!

Gaga(26) will be releasing a ‘healthy drinking water brand’ with the support of a multimillion dollar advertising campaign.
Reports say, “Designers at the Haus of Gaga creative team are putting the finishing touches on Gaga’s bottled water marketing campaign”.

No prototypes have been released yet, so everything is a big secret.
Is Lady Gagas most recent ‘weight gain controversy’ just one big publicity stunt for the launch of this diet drink? Lets see if she decides to loose weight (that she is happy with) before the launch.

Curvy, Skinny WHO CARES?! Just be Healthy !!
Be prepared for a high profile launch of the diet water in the near future….Her ‘monsters’ are sure to back her with this!


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