Its time to wrap up

Its nearly winter and everyone likes to keep warm. Here are a few of the new on trend accessories that are available in shops from now.
Lets start with the lovely ladies…

^ Frou Frou Earmuff – £16.00 from Accessorize ^

^ Neutral Sequin Bear Beanie – £10.00 from Next ^

^Tamara Fox Hat and Scarf – £15 from ^

^ Cream and Pink Hooded Fingerless Gloves – £7.50 from Dorothy Perkins ^

 I’ve not wrote anything about mens fashion yet, although here are a few bits and bobs for you guys…

^ Navy Fleck Stripe Beanie – £12 from River Island ^

^ Navy and Furry Peruvian Hat – £20 from River Island ^

^ Navy Black Stripe Classic Scarf – £34 from Hollister ^

^ Red Aztec Pattern Hat – £20.00 from River Island ^

Hope you enjoyed. Comments are welcome :)


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