Save money and look fabulous

Christmas is over and we all wouldn’t mind a way to save the pennies and still look fabulous. Let me show you ways of re-styling yourself with what you already have in your wardrobe, how adding little bits and bobs can create a whole new look.

Here are my top tips for a Style Makeover without breaking the bank…

Add a scarf – By adding a scarf, can make your outfit look totally chic. There are lots of different ways to wear a scarf and different types to choose from. You can add a splash of colour to your look and bring it to life or go neutral with cream and black to look elegant and simple. You cannot go wrong with this perfect accessory. Don’t leave them hidden in your wardrobe!

Accessorize – We have to admit we have a bundle of jewellery in the drawer but only wear our favourite and convenient pieces. By wearing statement earrings, you will create a bold and fierce look. You can try adding a long or collar necklace, hairband or wearing a watch. Don’t be afraid to mix and match with what you have!

Heels – Now we do love our comfy plimsolls and flats but by changing this around and wearing a pair of heels with your dress or jeans will always be in trend. Look gorgeous and most importantly FEEL gorgeous!

Mix it up– If you want to create a simple but modern look, add a belt to your coat, jacket, dress or top. Switch it about with what you have – if it’s a thin or thick belt just try what looks best. You can also try adding a blazer or leather jacket on top for both a day and evening look. Layers look good!

Do it yourself – Bored of a shirt or denim jacket you have? Personalize! Studded/Jewelled collars and shoulders are in trend right now, there is no need to go and purchase yourself something when you can make it yourself. You can put your gluing, pinning or sewing skills to use by adding some spare buttons, studs or jewels to it. It’s fun too!

Wear a bold lipstick – Red, deep plum are in trend right now. Don’t be afraid to try your favourite colour. Wearing a bright lipstick can change any outfit drastically. If you think it doesn’t look right then you’re probably not use to it. Trust me, it looks fab! If you’re on a budget then try buying MUA lipstick, matching MUA nail polish looks HOT as well! They’re only £1 each.



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