Celebrate Fashion Royalty With The Sunday Times’ Style Magazine

Grey London have created a print, outdoor and digital campaign to promote the upcoming Sunday Times’ Style magazine feature – 2013’s Best Dressed List.
Grey’s Dave Monk, Lex Firth and Jamie Starbuck definitely got their creative juices flowing while creating these fab images. The images portray contenders such as Kate Moss, Tinie Tempah and Victoria Beckham as iconic British monarchs.

Style Magazine editor Tiffanie Darke says: “The diverse nature of this  list demonstrates the importance of fashion in the overall conversation,  confirming the role clothes play in creating a visual manifesto…What’s  so encouraging is that among the 50 people celebrated, no two share a similar  look; they all occupy a different part of the fashion spectrum, using their own  taste and judgement to bring together an individual style that serves to  inspire.”

Below are the images as Kate Moss is transformed into Queen Elizabeth II, Victoria Beckham as Queen Victoria and Tinie Tempah, as King Louis XVI.
Would you call them fashion royalty? What do you think about these images ?

 moss tempah vic


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