My Journey as a Fashion Blogger…

I thought I would take some time to talk about something exciting… My journey as a Fashion Blogger.

I began this blog with no-idea who would read it or what may come from it.  From September 2012, I created a WordPress account for a college assessment and began creating fun posts about fashion, campaigns and all round celebrity news.  After completing the class assessment, I realised that I really enjoy blogging about things I’m interested in, therefore I continued by posting some new stuff every few days.  I started gaining alot of views from around the world and this got me excited and more passionate about putting the latest news out there for people who like the same things as me.

I connected myself to several blogging sites to try to promote my blog as much as possible because I only put links up through my Twitter account.  After 7 months, I created my 100th blog post which was about Beyonce’s World Tour Poster.  A day later I received an email from Pepsi asking permission to use my blog post on their new Tumblr page, AMAZING RIGHT? – I was so excited!  After doing some research with my course-leader at College, we both agreed that is was definitely legit.  I signed into my account and accepted their request, I am now a CONTRIBUTOR TO PEPSI’S OFFICIAL TUMBLR PAGE – VOICE OF THE NOW GENERATION.

I’ve now earned my Pepsi Badge to put on Soph-istication, this lets me send my posts to Pepsi as I carry on with my blogging journey, who knows what the future holds, right?! &  finally a big Thank-you to everyone who has supported me … Cheesy I know :)

Check out the link below to my post on the Tumblr Page with my picture, mini biog and a link back to SOPH-ISTICATION.  *



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