Gemfields Campaign 2014 Featuring Mila Kunis

Gemfields 2014If you have been reading my blog for a while, you might remember me blogging about Mila becoming Gemfields brand ambassador early last year. If you can’t remember here’s the link,

Gemfields campaign launch party was held in New York a few days ago on 3rd February.            This years campaign for Gemfields was named, Beauty by Nature and was shot by fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh.

Mila told Vogue – “It was incredible – there was an immediate connection between us, he made me feel totally at ease… I actually forgot that we were on a campaign shoot at times. He really just has the amazing ability to capture this honest moment – it never felt posed or forced, and I think that comes through in the images.”

Gemfields 2014

As Ambassador for the brand Mila flew out to Zambia to visit the gem mines to gain a better understanding of where the gemstones in the jewellery are sourced from.

“Zambia is a beautiful country, and the people were wonderful. I think the highlight was visiting the schools and clinics that Gemfields support, although being able to hold raw emerald crystals in my hands for the first time was pretty awesome! These gems have been forming underground for millions of years, and for me to be the first person to touch them – well you really start to appreciate their rarity.” She said to Vogue.

Gemfields 2014Love this campaign more than last years! What are your thoughts guys? Be lovely to read your opinions…

Read some more information about the brand on their fab site –

[Source: & Vogue]

Mila Kunis


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